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Our Story

The word Tamim means to be without blemish, upright, sincere, healthy, blameless and whole. The vision of the ministry is to teach and equip God’s people with His Word in order for them to know Him and walk in authority according to God’s plan for their lives.

Hannes and Ankia van der Merwe founded Tamim Ministries in 2008 and were both ordained as pastors the following year after which they began ministering in various countries as well as local churches. They were ordained as Apostles, releasing them into equipping the Body of Christ through teaching the Word of God and proclaiming the Gospel to the nations. This began by going to neighboring countries at first as they pursued the Father, and each time their faith was stretched they found themselves far-a-field off the shores of Africa in Asia where they now live. A Word School came out of a need that a 3 day conference is just not enough to equip those who want more so Ankia began to write her thesis on “Equipping the Saints” and on completion received her Decorate in Theology. There are now Tamim Word Schools in different parts of the world where students of the Word are being equipped to commence their life’s mission.

The coming months will be filled with ministry in Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, and China, while working with ministries that have ploughed, sowed and watered the barren ground now waiting for harvest.

From Glory to Glory.

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